As you drive down Laura Fergusson Grove, the first thing you will see will be the brand new entrance to our community. With plants bought thanks to generous donations by people and organisations in our community, the face of LFT will be a green and pleasant one. We have ample parking for staff and visitors, although we do ask that visitors make sure to check the road markings - We have specific bays for emergency vehicles that need to be kept clear.


Our reception is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, however you get in touch with staff at any time in an emergency, see our contact page above. The modern, colourful design for our reception allows us to present a professional attitude towards the world, while still being open for visitors, guests and clients.



This Weaved Panel that hangs at the entrance to LFT was designed and dedicated to the lives of Lady Laura Fergusson and Sir Bernard Fergusson on 21st December, 1981.

It's meaning is; Ka Whakatuwhenetia atu e raua to raua aroha ano nei e rite ana ki te hau-matangi, ka pa ki te tokomaha.

They walked the extra mile to share their compassion and like a gentle breeze, it touched the lives of so many.

This carving, made by Te Aturangi Nepia Clamp depicts the taniwha Whataitai struggling to free himself during the creation of Wellington Harbour.

Turn LEFT to visit the Pukeko Suite
Go AHEAD to see our Studio Apartments
Turn  RIGHT to explore the Abilities Hub