Communal Areas

At LFT we have a large amount of communal space - places both indoors and outdoors that are available for our clients to use. Our spaces are used for movies, sports and games, events and often just socialising.

The Moston Lounge offers clients a 'common room' type place, equipped with T.V, PlayStation and Wii, DVD and other entertainment hardware. The Moston Lounge is open 24/7 to clients, who take responsibility for keeping the place tidy during the day. It is often used during the evenings for movie nights.

The Training Kitchen is designed to give clients a space where they can learn and express their cooking skills. From simple toasted sandwiches at lunch time, to sharing old family recipes, the training kitchen is in use every day. Cooking is an important skill for clients to learn, it is something that helps bolster confidence in themselves and their abilities, and the independence gained from being able to cook their own food cannot be understated.

The 'Resort Space' as it has colloquially come to be known, is a part of our development project. In between the accommodation and Abilities Hub blocks, it gives a stretch of outdoor space for clients to enjoy. As time passes, the plant life will grow and give the resort space a shaded, green area. Clients use this area for socialising, a book in the sun of an afternoon, Petanque and other outdoor fun.

The Jeanne Hunter Courtyard offers outdoor space for clients to have their meals, just outside the Dining Room. It is covered and shaded, giving a cool setting for people to eat.

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