About the Laura Fergusson Trust

Wellington Laura Fergusson (LFT) is an independent, charitable Trust that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to pursue a supported and independent lifestyle. Our Philosophy can be found here.

We operate 24/7 and have accommodation for 43 people, as well as providing shorter-term accommodation, rehabilitation and recreational services to a number of others.

 In the last five years we have significantly expanded the services and facilities that we provide – you can read more about this project at The Development Project.

Based in a suburban setting in Lower Hutt we have served our local community since 1977, with a rich and engaging History. We have strong links with other Laura Fergusson Trusts elsewhere in New Zealand, (Auckland and Canterbury) but we operate independently of them.

LFT is led by a Chief Executive Officer, supported by an experienced management team comprising our Consumer Care & Clinical Support Manager, Programmes &  Rehabilitative Services Manager, and Facilities Manager. In total we employ more than 80 individual staff.

Our board of Trustees provides overall governance of LFT (see Board of Trustees)

 LFT aims to give the highest quality service to our clients, and that cannot happen without a loop of feedback that continuously operates all the time. Our Quality Circle system allows clients, staff and management to collaborate on building the best service. See our Quality Improvement page for details.

More information about how we operate is provided in the formal Annual Report that we produce each year.  You can view the most recent Annual Report here.