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Development of the Community

To meet a gap in services for working age individuals with severe physical impairments, LFT undertook a development project that provided new opportunities for residents and day visitors to receive therapy, develop skills, receive respite care and be part of a caring, lively community.


The vision was to create a hub of disability services based at LFT; working alongside other providers to bring more comprehensive, quality services to people with physical disabilities.


The expanded facilities established in the last two years (Stages One and Two) include:

• an Abilities Hub , which has been specifically designed as a venue for programmes and events for individuals with physical impairments;

• the Therapy Room, which comprises a gym fitted with specialised training equipment and a soundproof room for speech and music therapy and counselling;

• the Clinic Room, which provide a base for the provision of non-invasive clinical services for both residential and community clients; and

• the Pukeko Suite, which is specialised residential accommodation for those residents who require higher levels of care and support.


During the early part of 2013, with assistance from Pub Charity, undertook the next stage of our development, which is the refurbishment of a near-by family home to provide accessible accommodation for an additional four residents.