Our Services

Laura Fergusson Trust (LFT) provides a range of residential, rehabilitation and recreational services for working age adults with varying needs and levels of physical ability.

Many consumers choose to live permanently at LFT, while others come for short periods of respite support. We offer a range of accommodation types from studio rooms to independent flats. Residential clients at LFT live in a community setting that supports them as individuals.

Detailed information about living at LFT is contained in the Information for residents & their families and whanau booklet.

The LFT philosophy of building independence requires hard work - both from staff and clients. We are about strengthening and building ability, and this is the core of our rehabilitation programme. With our trained physiotherapy staff and fully equipped therapy facilities, clients are able to get a full work out, no matter what their physical ability.

LFT offers a range of recreational and educational programmed for both residents and members of the community. Programmes include recreation like singing, trading card games, cooking and concerts, to academic and sporting programmes like art, computer literacy, cooking and boccia, to community-focused activities such as river cleaning, round the bays, cooking, and working at local schools. We actively encourage our clients to get out into the community and encourage the community to come and take part in
our activities.

The services and facilities at LFT are not just for those who live here. We have a range of options for people in the community to hire and use our services. These include our Community Bathroom, Clinic Room and Abilities Hub, all of which help in our aim to be the hub of support in the Wellington Community.