Laura Fergusson believes in the importance of recreation and vocational activity in developing independence for people with impairments. Our clients are involved in a wide range of activities both within Laura Fergusson and in the wider community.

Group Activities

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Individual Programmes

As a part of coming to join our community, prospective clients meet with our Programmes Manager to discuss what their goals are in building on their abilities. Some of our clients pursue academic work, and our clients have gained scholarships to study at internationally recognized institutions such as the Learning Connexion. Others look to network and socialize outside of Laura Fergusson, joining social groups such as Q-nique.


Our Boccia (an Olympic-recognized ball-throwing sport) programme draws people in from all around the Wellington region, and we hold a quarterly league for the Kennedy-Good Trophy, donated by John Kennedy-Good. The LFT team also goes each year to the National Boccia tournament, where our clients rate highly. All are welcome to come and give the sport a go, more information is in the programme guide above.


Begun in 2012, and showcasing the use of our new facilities, Singability brings together Whanau and Friends of clients every month to sing together as a community. Everybody is more than welcome, with tea and beverages provided, and with esspresso coffee avaliable for purchase.

Activities Outside LFT

Our wheelchair friendly vans are avaliable for clients to hire for personal use, and we support clients to get out into the community to maintain an independent lifestyle. This ranges from shared shopping trips, to concerts and workshops. A number of clients choose to undertake further learning, with members of the community currently studying art, computer science, and a slewth of personal development courses.