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Rehabilitation Services

Laura Fergusson is proud to have a multi-disciplinary team and specialised facilities that together can support our consumers in meeting a wide range of rehabilitation goals. For some consumers rehabilitation is about strengthening or re-building physical function to take on greater levels of independence and for other consumers rehabilitation it is about maintaining basic function and quality of life. Whatever the goal, the Laura Fergusson rehabilitation philosophy is about working with each consumer to build on their own abilities.

Physio Staff

Our multi-disciplinary team is led by an occupational therapist and includes a physiotherapist, physio assistants, a music therapist, counsellor and additional occupational therapists. Depending on consumer need, Laura Fergusson also has access to speech therapists and psychologists.

Therapy Room

LFT’s Therapy Room is staffed and equipped specifically to support individuals with chronic conditions in maintaining or improving their physical function. It provides an ideal exercise venue for both individuals who are on a longterm programme and also for those who are newly starting their physio-prescribed programmes.


The gym is fitted with a hoist that has been carefully positioned over the treadmill and parallel bars to meet the all possible range of therapeutic needs of our consumers. It is also equipped with an “I’m Able” device, which has been shown to be particularly effectively for consumers seeking to regain functionality post-stroke.

This facility can be used by both groups and individuals and is available to the greater community. All gym users need to have a current physio-approved exercise programme, which LFT can provide for $40, and gym use is $7.50 per session – contact our reception for further details.

The Therapy Room has its own toilet facility and supply of freshly filtered water. It is staffed by our physiotherapist and/or physiotherapy assistant staff.