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Residential Services

Laura Fergusson Community is proud to be able to provide a wide variety of living arangements for clients with physical impairments. We have round-the-clock staffing to provide support to our residential clients, including dining, personal cares, cleaning services and security. 


Residential clients are supported in their daily activities, including meals, laundry and cleaning, while always being encouraged by staff to act as independently as possible 

Our main kitchen delivers high quality cooked-from-scratch meals every day, with a nutritionist-vetted menu. We can accommodate a wide range of different dietary requirements, without sacrificing variety or quality. Some clients choose to prepare their own food - we offer support and facilities to do this, with a separate training kitchen. 

All of our accommodation is regularly cleaned, and with each client we work on a plan detailing the cleaning tasks they can accomplish themselves.

Every client has a mutually created plan of care, a process that is focused on the clients needs every step of the way. In all cases, prior to admission, our management team works weith the client and their whanau to identify the most appropriate support.  This plan allows our staff to assist with personal cares that give clients dignity and comfort. Our confidential, electronically controlled information system means that as clients requirements change, staff are able to be made aware.


While many of our consumers choose to live at Laura Fergusson permanently, some choose to be part of our community for shorter periods of rehabilitation and respite support. All the support services available to our permanent residents are also offered to our respite clients.  

Coming to Laura Fergusson

An independent assessment is usually required to determine eligibility for government funding to meet the consumer's costs at Laura Fergusson. This assessment is usually organised by Life Unlimited, other similar assessment centres, or ACC.